Sappho Recalled to Life by the Charm of Music Louis Ducis, (c.1811)
“Nada Brahma” is Sanskrit for “All is Vibration”. In many spiritual traditions, sound established the form of the universe. “In the Beginning” a word was spoken, a song was sung, and the universe appeared. The ancients were well aware of the nature of sound, and used it to heal and raise consciousness. Now, new physics assures us literally that “all is vibration”. The ancient wisdom prevails.

Rian & Maria McGonigal work together as a powerful team to continue the ancient practice of sound healing. We understand that “intention” is carried by sound. Our intention is to harmonize the body, mind, emotions, and spirit and to raise consciousness.

We consistently witness marvelous physical and emotional healing along with high meditative states. We do private and group healing sessions, weekend intensives, presentations, workshops and certifications. We use all of the traditional ancient shamanic instruments and voice: Drums, Didgeridoos, Tibetan Bells and Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, mantra repetition (Japa), Harmonic or Overtone singing, and Devotional singing (Kirtan). Rian also offers individual “Soul-Sound Portraits”. These are unique musical, vibrational compositions created entirely for you by linking soul vibrations in deep states of meditation. This CD length portrait of your soul’s vibrational essence will assist you in all your higher endeavors.

Vibration is the language of Creation. Vibration creates sound and sound creates language. We use the sound of that language to call back to our creator. As we speak and sing of where we came, we draw closer to the all-pervasive, loving “Heart” of divine oneness, returning to the Source.