Golden Lotus Academy ~ Crystal Singing Bowls
And God said, “Let there be Light”. The sun maintains life on this planet. It is the source of all energy, light and color. Light and color therapy are now established modalities in medical science, holistic and energy medicine. On a subtler level than our “water bodies”, we are “light bodies”. Color therapy works with the light body to address physical, mental and emotional healing.

Rian & Maria McGonigal started using the “Spectro-Chrome” color therapy system in 1995. This system is the foundation for most color therapy today. Dr. Kate Baldwin, chief surgeon for the Philadelphia Woman’s Hospital, successfully used “Spectro-Chrome” color therapy instead of surgery on about half of her patients.

Our use of color and sound, along with our love of sacred geometry and symbols led to the creation of a unique multi-vibrational therapy system called “Geo-Chromatics”. The beauty of this system is how it combines the thirteen main healing colors with thirteen sound frequencies. When specific colors are applied, so are the compatible sound frequencies. We expand the system by illuminating the colors through elemental geometric shapes and sacred Sanskrit symbols, which work with the archetypal mind, energy and light bodies.