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    by Rian & Maria McGonigal

~ Week-Long Intensive Instruction ~ 7 days ~ 60 hours
   Daily : 7 ~11 am and 1 ~ 5 pm

~ Practical Application of Basic Concepts and Techniques of Sound & Color Healing.
   Including: Chanting, Toning, Aura Perception, Daily Water charged with Sound & 
   Color and much more...

~ Yoga, Pranayama (Breathing), CreativeMovement, Meditation, Mudras,
    Visualization, Art and Nature and much more...

~ “Sound & Color Training Manual” ~ by Rian & Maria McGonigal

~ Special Dinner and Certification Award Ceremony (Final Saturday Evening).

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At the root of all power and motion, there is music and rhythm, the play of patterned frequencies against the matrix of time, Before we make music, music makes us.
~ George Leonard

Vibrational Healing is the creative use of acoustic Sound & Color vibrations to assist the body-mind-spirit into correct alignment and vitality.

This practice is so successful that, in most cases, we see favorable results
in the first few minutes.

Modern research into the vibrational nature of consciousness and reality demonstrates that vibration and intention are emerging as conscious and powerful healing modalities.

Vibrational medicine not only relieves symptoms, but raises frequency and gives the client an experience of connecting to the core of being. The sound vibrations create a “molecular” massage, stimulating each cell toward its proper resonating frequency. When our cells, tissues, organs and glands are all resonating in harmony, profound healing can occur on all levels.

In the past, many of these sound practices were used for spiritual ascension. Since we no longer separate the spiritual from the physical, the same procedures that were used to elevate the soul are now highly effective in alleviating symptoms of disease, as well as keeping a healthy body-mind tuned to prevent illness from occurring.

Sound therapy is now accepted as an important holistic modality, and is being incorporated globally.


Life is a symphony, and the action of every person in this life
is the playing of his particular part in the music.

~ Hazrat Inayat Khan

“As the Godhead strikes the note, Humanity sings.
The Holy Spirit is the harpist,
And all the strings must sound which are touched in love”.
~ Mechtild of Magdeburg
Thirteenth century Catholic lay sister


 By Connecting us with the Vibrational Nature of Reality
Sound & Color Promote Healing and Understanding on Four Major Levels


~ Stimulates and Enhances the Endocrine System
~ Stimulates and Enhances the Immune System
~ Increased Joint Motion
~ Asthma Relief
~ Relieves Pain


~ Quiets Overactive Mental Distractions & Dialogue
~ Balances Right & Left Hemispheres of the Brain
~ Promotes Qualities of Listening and Receptivity
~ Understand the Nature of Thought as Vibration
~ Enhances and Promotes Peace of Mind


~ Relieves Stressful Behavior Patterns Caused by Family History,
Trauma and Karma
~ Higher Perception of Quality of Life
~ Soothes Emotional System
~ Enhances Self-Esteem


~ Assists Realization of Oneness with All Creation
~ Resolves Karmic Issues with Current Relationships and Ancestors
~ Connects One to Soul-Path Rather than Current Desire Body
~ Precipitates Personal and Spiritual Revelations


The above are some of the benefits
experienced by our clients over the years.


We invite you to start the "Journey of a Lifetime" exploring the Chakra System thru Sound, Color, Creative Movement, Arts, Meditation, Visualization, Nature and much more...
Each day will journey thru one Chakra in a powerful immersion in the treasures that lie within. Find your "Soul's Resonance" and discover a world of unlimited possibilities.Your life will never be the same...

We feel honored and privileged to continue sharing and teaching in the lineage of such great “Sound Masters” as: Pythagorus, Plato, Hermann Helmholtz, Hazrat Inayat Khan, Kepler and more recent ones as: Fabien Maman, Jonathan Goldman, Don Campbell and many others. We were deeply inspired by them all! Our vision is to continue being messengers and re-creators of such magnificent wisdom for the benefit of the individual and Humanity.

Russill Paul, author of “Yoga of Sound”, informs us that: “The human species suffers from a pervading imbalance because the eye dominates the ear, which corresponds to male forms dominating the female. Many of our problems, ranging from unrest in our relationships to international conflict, can be minimized through reevaluating the way we view, utilize, and relate to sound - and, consequently, to the feminine in our lives.

This Certification Program is the culmination of Rian’s 46 year passionate relationship with music and sound. For the last 20 years he has been researching, experimenting and sharing the potential of sound to balance, harmonize and heal on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

We met 13 years ago and have worked together as a team ever since. We beautifully blend the female and male energies and consciously apply the scientifically proven principle that couples in love magnify the healing power.

The purpose of this program is to propagate the ancient Art and Science of Sound Healing. It is a path to higher consciousness, personal and planetary transformation, through the Sacred Heart and Divine Feminine.

Our sincere desire is that each one of you feels called to play your part, and create the unique sound that will further enhance the Symphony of Life.




Beauty holds the golden key that opens the Heart.
When the hearts opens, a stream of magical music fills the universe, and gives birth to new stars.

~ Maria McGonigal


The Sufi Master, Hazrat Inayat Khan, tells us that inspiration is a higher form of intuition; a stream of wonder and bewilderment. For us, Beauty has always been our most dear form of inspiration and has certainly magnetized our Souls together.

Beauty is naturally the first choice in everything we do, in our personal life, surroundings, and especially in the  creation of sacred space where we teach or hold a Healing Sound session. We intuitively put into practice what Pythagorus, the Greek philosopher, said: “The first thing one does in Healing is create an atmosphere of Beauty.”

This program is no exception. From its inception we have chosen the highest options in terms of Beauty. To the colors of the flyers and paper we used to create them, from the music that was playing while designing the program to the choice of essential oils that perfumed the air and sweetened our insights. Nothing was overlooked.

It is this conscious awareness of the multi-dimensionality of our beings that  we devote ourselves to beauty in the details. We want to feed and integrate all aspects of ourselves.

Our intention is to splash you with Beauty, and open not only your heart, but all the pores of your being; to bring you to the realization that there is nothing else but Beauty, and indeed it is in the eye of the beholder. When it is all around you, what else can you identify with?


Love produces harmony and harmony creates beauty. Therefore the chief motto in life is 'Love, harmony and beauty'. Love in all things and beings the beloved God, in harmony with all in the right understanding, and beautify your life by observing the beauty within and without. By love, harmony and beauty you must turn the whole of life into a single vision of divine glory.
 ~ Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan


Musical training is a more potent instrument than any other in the integration of the human being because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the Soul on which they mightily fasten, imparting grace, and making the Soul of him who is rightly educated truly graceful.
~ Plato 

This certification program has been in the making, as a vision in our hearts, for many years. Its blossoming is the result of an idea whose time has come.

From our own experience with Sound and hundreds of testimonials, the urge to create a way to share Sound & Color Healing and its wonderful benefits with many.
This Certification Program has been masterfully designed from 20 years of research, experience and sharing.

It is our Vision to share this knowledge with many dedicated Souls willing to:

~ Accept the responsibility of the Healing path

~ Share the knowledge of Sound as Healing with others,
     in various creative ways, with the highest level of integrity and truth

~ Devote their lives to personal growth and planetary transformation

~ Commit to be an example of rhythmic, harmonic beauty

~ Open to the Grace that comes through Sound

and always remember...

“Once a soul has awakened to the continual music of life, that soul considers it as his responsibility, his duty, to play his part in the outer life”.
 ~ Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan


~ The new Physics and vibrational origins
~ Entrainment of the benefits of rhythmic resonant "agreement"
~ Cycles per second, frequencies and brain wave reduction
~ Immune system stimulation through sound and rhythm
~ Increasing IQ through rhythm awareness
~ Left/Right brain hemispheric balancing techniques
~ Poly rhythms- two unique methods
~ Pythagorean concepts of rhythm and harmony
~ Binaural beat therapy: study of interface patterns
~ Low decibel sound penetration
~ High and low frequency therapies
~ Bones, flesh and blood as sound receptors and transmitters
~ The most effective harmonic intervals
~ Cymatics: molecular organization of liquids and
   random particles through sound
~ How sound destroys cancer cells
~ How sound invigorates healthy cells
~ Sonic molecular massage
~ Sound and the elements: air, earth, fire, water, wood, mineral, metal
~ Discovering personal frequencies and rhythms
~ Harmonics and overtones
~ Physics of overtones
~ Overtone production: three octaves with voice
~ Sound and the pineal gland
~ Inner ear harmonics: the internal "Music of the Spheres"
~ Sound holography with Tibetan bowls
~ Sacred geometry applied to Sound Therapy
~ Application of therapies by couples or healing teams
~ Energizing water with sound and color
~ Golden Mean (Golden Proportion) and its application to Sound


This program will be an introduction to the basic concepts and techniques of Sound & Color Healing that we’ve learned and created over the years from exploration and insights.

Backed up with extensive scientific research and mental integration, the program will be a joyous exploration and practical application of the knowledge acquired.

You will be instructed in the basic concepts of:

~ Sound Frequencies and Cycles, Octaves, Interval relationships, Binaural 
   Beats, Resonance, Entrainment, Harmonics, and how all these concepts
   manifest among all the instruments and voice.
~ Color Therapy, Chakra system, Rainbow Body

You will leave with a deep understanding and practical experience of:

~ How Sound & Color heal on multi-dimensional levels.
~ The physics of Sound & Color
~ Skillfully applying the concepts and techniques of Sound & Color Healing
    on all the instruments and with the voice.
~ Creating Harmonics and Overtones with all the instruments and voice.
~ Making and playing the Didgeridoo.

And also how to:

~ Create your “Sacred Healing Space”.
~ Clear and cleanse yourself, the space, and your clients.
~ Decide which Sound & Color tools you will be using for your Sessions.
~ Design your own “Sound & Color Healing Session”.


This Program is a living entity.
It will evolve and expand as our consciousness evolves and expands.
We continue updating our knowledge with the latest research in the field.



The ancient acoustic instruments are the “magical tools” that we will be using to deepen our understanding of Sound.
Vibration, Resonance, Entrainment and other fascinating and complex concepts,
can be experienced through the instruments,
 in a very practical and accessible way.

The Didgeridoo will awaken and shake your foundation,
traveling “down under”, creating roots and grounding us deep
into the core of the Earth.

The eternal dance of the cosmos is reinterpreted
as you allow your feet to improvise the “Dance of the Unknown”
as the drums call you to express life free of structure.

Crystal bowls will spiral your chakras high into the heavens,
connecting you with the angelic realms.

Tibetan bowls whisper ancient secrets of enlightenment attained.
A memory of the inner “unstruck” sound.

The Voice
is the Divine Gift; the Healer within.
Through the Voice
you magnetize the richness of Spirit
and come face to face with the Divine.




~ Doctors, Nurses, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Energy Healers,
Acupuncturists, Naturopaths, Counselors
or any health practitioner wanting to add these powerful vibrational tools
to their existing practice.

~ Anyone with a strong and sincere desire to help others and become a
Certified Sound Therapist.

~ Anyone interested in learning how to use Sound
for a healthier and more harmonious body, mind, emotions and spirit
and to raise consciousness for
personal and planetary transformation.



~ Esteem Clinic, CA (1988)

~ The Philosophical Research Society, CA (1991-96)

~ Cancer Treatment Centers of America, CA (1993-95)

~ Curentur University of Holistic Medicine, CA (1994)

~ The Simonton Cancer & Counseling Center, CA (1993-97)

~ World Harmonics, AZ (2007)