Maria & Rian McGonigal
We met September 13, 1993 on board the beautiful cruise ship “Crystal Harmony” while cruising the Mediterranean. Our lips floated towards each other in the mystical city of Venice. We were engaged at Disneyland and married in the majestic city of Sedona on Friday the 13th, exactly three years after we met. We are thirteen years apart in age. This sense of adventure and diversity is reflected in the way we create. Blending our unique and refined gifts, we bring our intentions together in the creation of a magnificent vision.
Soul Portrait of Rian & Maria
by Bryan de Flores

Rian McGonigal has been a practitioner, trainer and researcher in the fields of sound, rhythm and color therapies since 1987. Twice a cancer survivor, he developed and directed the Therapeutic Sound and Color Program for The Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Curentur University of Holistic Medicine, The Simonton Cancer & Counseling Center and The Philosophical Research Society. He mentors for Prescott College. Maria joined him in 1995 in Los Angeles. Their sound healing work was featured nationally on FOX News and internationally on CNN.

Rian is a master classical guitarist and composer and has performed internationally. He received his advanced yoga teaching certification at Yogi Hari’s Ashram. He is a certified Simonton Cancer Counselor, Reiki healer and massage therapist. He has been meditating and practicing yoga since 1974.

Maria McGonigal is originally from Portugal, where she followed the ancient tradition of Ceramics in the School of Decorative Arts in Porto. She started her practice of Yoga in 1995 and received her Yoga certification in 2001 at the “International Sivananda Yoga and Vedanta Center”. She studied Sanskrit with Vyaas Houston and Nicolai Bachman of the American Sanskrit Institute.

Maria created "Meetings with the Oversoul" an intuitive spiritual encounter where she weaves dialogue, gentle yoga, sound, color, toning, intention, visualization and expressive arts. This one on one unique empowerment resonates body, mind and emotions into a state of balance where we recognize our blue print of perfection. Maria practices and teaches Vipassana meditation and is a Reiki Master.

Maria and Rian are both adjunct faculty at Yavapai College and direct the Yoga program at the Prescott Racquet Club and Lotus Yoga, their home studio. An inspiration to integrate all of their passions gave birth to “Golden Lotus: Academy of Yoga and the Vibrational Arts”, where they blend yoga with sound, color and sacred geometry.

The Academy of Yoga and Vibrational Arts
Our home based Yoga, Sound and Color studio is located in the beautiful and peaceful city of Prescott AZ. We are adjacent to the awesome “Granite Dells”, the land of double rainbows. These unique rock formations, that seem to appear out of the ethers, extend to embrace Watson Lake, just a few minutes away. Prescott is ideally situated 90 miles north of Phoenix, about an hour from majestic Sedona and 2 hours from the Grand Canyon.

We create beauty as the backdrop and sustainable field for raising consciousness and healing. When you arrive at our intimate space, you’ll be guided with great care and personal attention. Our studio is adorned with an exquisite collection of instruments from around the world. The hues of healing colors illuminated through sacred geometric shapes and Sanskrit symbols awaken the subconscious mind and feed the soul. Large projections of ancient Mandalas and symbols offer you a new universe of Chakra activation and experience.

We offer private or group yoga classes, presentations, lectures, workshops, Kirtan, concerts, private and group vibrational healing sessions. We also provide program design, intensives and certifications in sound and color healing. The very special “Bliss Within” weekend retreat is offered a few times a year including yoga, sound, color, sacred geometry and vegetarian cuisine.  We can include unique day trips to Sedona, the Grand Canyon, the Meteor Crater and various Native American ruins. We would love to share our work and the beauty of Arizona with you.

Wedding Day, Cathedral Rock